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I started this website in 1997 when I first learned HTML so I admit the design is terrible, but hopefully it will save you some time looking for different sites in the search engines becuase there are many market research companies willing to pay for your opinion. The more you sign up with, the more opportunities.

I suggest signing up with a few now and bookmarking this page to join more later. Some of the sites have frequent, lesser paying surveys and others have less frequent but higher paying surveys. However, you will not make 50.00 to 60.00 per survey like some websites claim. Every now and then a company may have a special project but surveys typically pay between 1.00 to 3.00.

Click here for a list of companies that will pay you for various other online activities like shopping, watching videos, listening to music, and more!

Survey Savvy

My SurveyHarris PollToluna Survey Panel
ask GFKI-Say PanelGlobal Test Market
Your SurveysVIP VoiceMindfield Online
Pinecone ResearchHCD ResearchOpinion Outpost
Springboard AmericaPanel EngageMy SoapBox
SwagBuck SurveysOpinion PLUSMinds Pay
Opinion SquareOpinion WorldOpinionSite
Valued OpinionsSurvey SpotConsumer Village
Univox SurveysTell Wut SurveysMy Thought Counts
Mint VineMy ShopinionMobileXpression
Pro OpinionScreenwise TrendsTap Research
Leger WebYouGov PanelEsearch
eLabPlaza ResearchConsumerLink
Viewpoint ForumFocus World InternationalMar's Research
USA Talk NowSpeedBackSocratic Forum
TechWorldCobbey & AssociatesKidz Eyes
Advisory PanelDigital ResearchBrand Institute
BuzzBackSporting InsightsFocusLine
Smart PanelFGI ResearchGolf Testing
Blarry House ResearchithinkTRC Panel
Bellwether SurveysMusic ResearchLive Wire
Zoom PanelAIP Online SurveysDatatelligence Online
Test SpinMy ViewYour Word Surveys
Quick ThoughtsiPollVindale Research

Opinions USA and American Consumer Opinion

Join the Nielsen Digital Voice Panel - Win up to $1,000 Each Month!

E-Poll - Lots of Entertainment Related Surveys for Cash and Gift Cards!

Cada Cabeza, Univision Que Crees and Tuvoz Latina Surveys for Hispanics

Participate in Online Mock Trials for Cash - Pays $5.00 to $10.00 Per Verdict!

Offline Clinical Studies & Trials That Are Available Where You Live (Good Money!)

National Consumer Panel - Take Online Surveys & Scan Your Purchases for Rewards!

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